An invitation for you to participate in the Token Taxonomy Initiative’s Workshop Summit in NYC on February 19th, 2020

Revisit the latest updates within the Token Taxonomy Framework and participate in various TTF Workshopping Sessions.

An invitation for you to participate in the Token Taxonomy Initiative’s Workshop Summit in NYC on February 19th, 2020

The Token Taxonomy Initiative, an independent and platform-neutral member-led organization supported by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, welcomes participants from every industry around the world to the TTI Workshop Summit in New York City at the Microsoft Technology Center. This is a great opportunity for anyone planning to attend the NFT.NYC conference the following day.

The TTI Workshop Summit will kick-off with a detailed overview of the token taxonomy and will provide updates on the latest revisions, enhancements, and tooling. Following the kick-off, participants are invited to join guided TTF workshopping breakout sessions to further understand how their industry knowledge and experience can add value to the taxonomy through business-focused questions. The workshop leads will guide participants, allowing them a new perspective that will enable their ability to identify and define tokens they work with today. Leveraging the TTF, participants will learn how to define and/or redefine token formulas, submit new behaviors, analogies, and properties sets to establish new token templates on behalf of their organization.

WHO: This workshop is being led by a number of EEA and TTI members including Microsoft, NFT.Kred, Envision Blockchain, HACERA, White Block, ITAU Bank, and more.

WHAT: An update on the TTI’s Token Taxonomy Framework and how to leverage the TTF to add new definitions, analogies, behaviors, and properties. Attendees will gain a strong understanding of how tokens work, the motivation behind the TTI’s mission to create a universal definition, and the work ahead to develop the potential token use cases and applications.

WHERE: The NYC Microsoft Technology Center, 11 Times Square, New York, New York, 10036

WHEN: February 19th, 2020, 1PM to 5PM

HOW: to sign up, simply complete this form. There is no fee for attending this workshop.

About the Token Taxonomy Initiative

The Token Taxonomy Initiative’s mission is to address the need to develop common definitions and scope for a business-grade standard for tokens with interchangeable currency-like properties or unique assets. To learn more about the Token Taxonomy Initiative, please reach out to





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