We are currently living in the era of Digital Transformation where businesses need to innovate in order to grow. The Digital Transformation within a business can be seen in areas such as Business Strategy, Operations and Value Chain, Customer Engagement and Organizational Structure. As Business Leaders are building their Digital Strategy Road Map, Blockchain and IoT technology is coming up in discussion more frequently. Envision Blockchain Solutions understands that adopting emerging technology needs to be approached in a Crawl, Walk, Run methodology. With that in mind, since Blockchain is so new, most Businesses will want to begin with a crawl (Proof of Concept). In this presentation we will discuss the 10 tips for a successful Blockchain Proof of Concept.

About Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Microsoft Partner in Blockchain agnostic solutions for today’s business needs with a mission to increase Blockchain Adoption and drive Organizational Transformation. The management team has years of Fortune 500 experience and has built a team of subject matter experts in Blockchain and Business Transformation Processes and Technology. We focus on guiding organizations through 3 major milestones on their Blockchain journey: Use Case Analysis, Proof of Concept Development and Enterprise Scaled Deployments.