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Announcing Block Party 2019 – 8 City USA Road Show

Envision Blockchain is happy to announce the kick off to Block Party 2019. Starting in early Febuary, Envision Blockchain will present across 7 different states across the USA. Blockchain is designed for Business and IT Leaders. These half-day catered events focus on...

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Microsoft releases Blockchain Workbench 1.6

Microsoft continues to release ongoing updates of their Enterprise Blockchain Solution called the Blockchain Workbench. The new 1.6 version provides updates for Smart Contract Versioning, New egress messaging API, and more.Click here to read more About Envision...

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Want to Learn Enterprise Blockchain?

Over the next 12 months, Envision Blockchain has over 70 events planned. Some of theme are Virtual and some of them are in Person catered events. All of them are free! Feel free to visit our events page for a live update of upcoming events. Click here to view our...

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Watch Weekly Videos from the Microsoft Blockchain Team

Block Talk is a new weekly show on blockchain and cloud development from the Azure Blockchain engineering team. Click here to subscribe to the videos     About Envision Blockchain Solutions Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Microsoft Partner in Blockchain...

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Microsoft Azure Adds IPFS (Beta) to the Azure Marketplace

This offering enables the creation of permissioned networks of IPFS nodes to form a decentralized storage network. User can select the size of network they would like to provision and have to ability to share this network with others. Networks can be shared over via...

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Announcing Enterprise Blockchain Discovery Day

“How does this technology change and improve my business?” It’s often challenging to adopt emerging technologies due to the change management and risk involved. However, in today’s time, it’s important to keep your team informed and aligned with cutting edge...

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Introducing the Azure Blockchain Development Kit

Microsoft is rapidly playing a major role in the adoption of Blockchain Technology. We see new innovations coming out of the Microsoft Blockchain department almost every couple of week. The newest release is the Azure Blockchain Development Kit. Marc Mercuri,...

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Announcing: New Microsoft Azure Marketplace Offerings

Envision Blockchain Solutions, a Leading Microsoft Partner in the Blockchain space, now offers multiple Service Solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. We updated our website to offer you a consolidated view of our Marketplace offerings. Click Here to Review Our...

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