During the 1 Day Workshop, participants will be able to understand how it’s possible to digitize (aka tokenize) their assets, define properties and behaviors for their assets, and establish a business ecosystem that governs their tokens.

Enterprise Blockchain TOKENIZATION: 1-Day WORKSHOP

Tokenization is the next wave in “Digital Transformation.” The ability to exchange value enables economic growth. Tokens have been used throughout time in various forms as a way for society to represent different types of value. The need to exchange value immutably between businesses has recently been recognized as a critical driver as we continue to globalize. As a result, Token Templates and their associated Standards are being developed to strengthen the future of globalization leveraging blockchain technology. Tokenization standards will allow the global economy to transfer value immutably and will eliminate the boundaries of “Intranet” or “Siloed” private blockchains through Token Management platforms that allow cross-chain interoperability. Envision Blockchain Solutions provides a 10-day workshop in which participants will be able to understand the business value in tokenizing digital assets in order to increase revenue while reducing internal costs.


  • Blockchain 101 (if needed)
  • Introduction to tokens & standards
  • Explore the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s (EEA) Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF)
  • Establish tokenization governance


  • Understanding blockchain technologies: Types of blockchains, immutability of data, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and more
  • Education on the TTF Hierarchy: token definitions, token class, token instances, token behaviors, token artifacts and understanding the TTF formula
  • Working session to establish business token(s) use case formula & governance
  • Design token(s) use case flow models
  • Design solution deployment diagrams
  • Executive token(s) specification documentation


    Envision Blockchain

    participants will be able to understand how it’s possible to digitize (aka tokenize) their assets


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