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Blockchain Terminology and Standards

Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)? Public vs. Permissionless? Nodes vs Peers? As an emerging technology, Blockchain has been a rapid development over the past several years. Once aspect we can all agree with is the power of transformation that...

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Where’s the Strategic Business Value of Blockchain?

It’s impossible to disregard “Blockchain.” We have heard about it on TV, have read about it on the news, and have discussed it among colleagues. The truth is, as the hype gets bigger, top Executives see Blockchain as the catalyst for their organization’s Digital...

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Is Blockchain Right For Your Company

If your business is researching Blockchain Technology, it is important to understand the underlying technology to further render your company’s Blockchain Use Case. As with all technology there are specific values that help solve a specific challenge. To help...

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10 Tips for a Successful Blockchain P.O.C

We are currently living in the era of Digital Transformation where businesses need to innovate in order to grow. The Digital Transformation within a business can be seen in areas such as Business Strategy, Operations and Value Chain, Customer Engagement and...

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How Azure Enables Enterprise Blockchain

The movement towards Enterprise Blockchain is a happening right now. What was once only an investigation; is now being implemented by forward thinking businesses that have a direction towards Digital Transformation. Organizations are realizing how their business...

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