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EEA Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification V0.5

V0.5 is the first public draft of the EEA Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification. To participate in this work, please join the EEA along with their Trusted Execution Task Force. This document specifies APIs that enable Off-Chain Trusted Compute for Enterprise...

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EEA Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V2

The Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification is the the open standards-based framework that incorporates technical contributions from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliances’s (EEA) expansive member base encompassing a vibrant global enterprise and developer community. To...

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Free Blockchain Workbench Content and Samples

With the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench, building your own Blockchain Solution has never been easier and quicker. In just a few clicks, deploy many popular pre-built Blockchain networks and infrastructure like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda. Add...

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White Paper: Enterprise Blockchain Values

If your business is considering Blockchain Technology, it is important to understand the underlying technology to further render your company’s Use Case. As with all technology there are specific values that help solve a specific challenge. To help understand if your...

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