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QUALITY Development Offers Effective Automated Business Process Transactions Without Intermediaries

Business processes can be complex requiring collaboration among business silo’s and increases dramatically when introducing processes between unrelated organizations. Trust within a company or between companies is the key to any successful transaction. Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contracts offer a way for organizations to eliminate trust matters by sharing real time immutable data. Allowing the network to govern and authenticate transactions based on designed Smart Contract logic may simultaneously automate transactions without a third party. Envision Blockchain offers a unique framework for Smart Contract Development, Testing, and Auditing to secure and heighten levels efficiency the end user can rely on.



Smart Contract Development

The development of Smart Contracts relative to an associated use case, which comprise the business process logic for a Decentralized Application (dAPP), is critical. Regulatory and compliance issues can make or break a companies success. Likewise, transaction privacy between different organizations, the associated reasons, price agreements, securing proprietary business processes, and Intellectual Property are all areas of concern that need to be evaluated. The requirements of these workflows include a need to initiate transactions on a distributed ledger that include data from an external system, service, or device. They also need to have external systems react to events originating from smart contracts on a distributed ledger.

Smart Contract Testing

It’s not that development of Smart Contracts is more complicated than other applications. In fact, many blockchain ledgers allow for common development languages such as Go and Java. Moreover, when developing and testing smart contracts it’s important to setup multiple environments (sandbox / production) that simulate what the target environment would be. For quicker and more efficient releases during development and Production support, our established DevOps practice ensures testing is as automated as much as possible during build and release pipelines. Envision Blockchain’s Smart Contract Testing Framework provides the visibility that both functional and technical requirements are documented and passed.

Smart Contract Auditing

In this digital era, security concerns are elevated as the number of businesses leveraging blockchain increase for it’s values such as transparent and immutable network transactions. Those same values can have both positive and negative effects, depending on how they were designed. Providing subject matter expertise to audit smart contracts is critical when minimizing risk for security vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance, business logic, code and network complexities, library versioning, and error routing.

QUALITY Development Offers Effective Automated Business Process Transactions Without Intermediaries


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