Sometimes it feels extremely difficult to keep up with all of the news and solutions surrounding Blockchain Technology. Just within the past year, we have experienced new trends and hot topics such as Tokenization, Enterprise Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, Identity Management, Scalability, Data Privacy, etc. During this presentation, we will take a quick look back of the evolution of Blockchain Technology while discussing future trends for the coming year and beyond.

About Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Blockchain Ledger Agnostic Systems Integrator. Our mission is to reshape and align today’s Enterprise systems allowing organizations to recognize the new value in tomorrow’s Industry Vertical Solutions. The management team has years of Fortune 500 experience and has built a team of subject matter experts in Blockchain and Business Transformation Processes within Emerging Technologies. We focus on guiding organizations through 3 major milestones on their Blockchain journey: Use Case Analysis, Proof of Concept Development and Enterprise Scaled Deployments.