Overview: Business leaders have made a notable investment into their cloud strategy over the past decade. Crafting a cloud strategy, however, is not an easy task to do. Digital transformation initiatives have led organizations to experience complex hybrid environments that could include private cloud service, public cloud services, and traditional application services. One question to ask when composing a cloud strategy is: “Where should we apply the cloud”? Some expected outputs from that question could lead to technical considerations, integrations between applications with other line of business systems, and the management of business-critical applications. When drilling down into these questions and considerations regarding a specific application leveraging a blockchain network (given the complexity of blockchain), the management of the blockchain network may be imperative. During this presentation we will discuss the differences between an un-managed and a managed blockchain service, and a framework to consider when evaluating if blockchain should make it into our cloud strategy.

About the Speaker

Daniel Norkin | Co-Founder and CEO of Envision Blockchain Solutions

A thought leader and pioneer in innovative technology, Daniel Norkin has built his reputation as someone who has built his reputation as someone who keeps his projects cutting edge. He co-founded Envision Blockchain Solutions, a full-service consultancy and Blockchain systems integrator. By adopting transformative technologies Envision Blockchain Systems has helped organizations set themselves up for long term success.

Prior to co-founding Envision Blockchain Solutions, Daniel served in executive roles, navigating effectively across such diverse fields as technology consulting, project management, business development, marketing, and finance; building up a both technical and soft skills.

Daniel is a hands-on professional who takes an active role in transforming businesses – including Startups and Fortune 500 companies. His alma mater Fairleigh Dickinson University named him on their 50 under 50 in 2017. Daniel’s many speaking engagements at industry events has offered him the opportunity to bring his knowledge of business and technology to a wide range of audiences. He is excited about using this experience to shape our everchanging world.

Date: Thursday, December 19, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Location: Virtual and Onsite


About Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Blockchain Ledger Agnostic Systems Integrator. Our mission is to reshape and align today’s Enterprise systems allowing organizations to recognize the new value in tomorrow’s Industry Vertical Solutions. The management team has years of Fortune 500 experience and has built a team of subject matter experts in Blockchain and Business Transformation Processes and Technology. We focus on guiding organizations through 3 major milestones on their Blockchain journey: Use Case Analysis, Proof of Concept Development and Enterprise Scaled Deployments.