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Gain Value Without Sacrificing Scale

An ecosystem platform that presents a faster and more secure alternative to a traditional blockchain. Carefully designed with the next generation of public blockchains in mind, Hedera engineers the highest level of security possible with the hashgraph consensus protocol. Consensus is one of the most important and challenging parts of any public blockchain design. Our globally-distributed network secures data at 10 million transactions per second with 3 seconds finality – a rate that no other public blockchain can achieve.



Benefits of Hedera Hashgraph

It’s an Eco-Friendly Hashgraph

The primary difference between Hedera Hashgraph and other blockchains is that it does not require compute-heavy proof of work. Since the network consensus does not rely on heavy compute it does require energy intensive mining operations. Likewise, Hedera Hashgraph is faster and more efficient than the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains because transactions can be processed in parallel, not serially, and has fast latency. It takes only a few seconds for a transaction to be sent out and confirmed (with 100 percent certainty) by the network.

Same Programming Language As Ethereum

Hedera Hashgraph allows the same object-orient programmed language that Ethereum uses, known as Solidity, which is commonly used for smart contracts. By enabling smart contracts, the platform can be used to build decentralized applications (dapps), which can be used for a variety of use-cases, including gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi) products, digital identity, and more. Additionally, developers can leverage the Hedera SDK written in languages such as Java, JavaScript, etc.

Easy To Budget – Low Cost & Fixed Transaction Fees

Hedera Hashgraph’s applications and end users benefit from low fees and hasty transaction speeds. The platforms transactions reach finality in a matter of seconds while upholding transaction fees that are predictable. You can use the transaction fee estimator here to budget your application. As a frame of reference, Bitcoin transactions can take 10+ minutes to confirm probabilistic finality and have maintained an average transaction fee of more than $1 throughout much of 2020. At the start 2021, BTC fees exceeded $10 climbing as high as $30 per transaction. 

Gain Value Without Sacrificing Scale


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