Microsoft Azure Blockchain Token, a new Microsoft Azure service that focuses on providing Enterprise grade tokens (ie. digital assets such as inventory items, movie tickets, reward points, etc.) was recently announced​ on November 4, 2019. Tokens will disrupt global economics and radically change how commerce will be transacted. While various implementations exist for tokens for specific blockchain platforms, the industry is currently lacking a venue for all participants to collaborate on a shared description and approach, resulting in a lack of interoperability, reuse, and common ground to address regulatory issues. To address this, the Azure Blockchain Token service incorporates the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) that came out of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI). The TTI’s mission is to offer a framework that provides a clear definition and scope of the token concept, including use cases, taxonomy and terminology, and a specification neutral to underlying technology.
 In this presentation we will review the recently the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens and provide the most recent updates to the TTF. Today the TTF is more then a concept and is ready for use. Learn about the various different enterprise ready Standardized Token Templates and gain insight as to how industry leaders are leveraging these templates!

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